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NetBadge at UVA

How to Log Into the UVA NetBadge Service

What is NetBadge?

NetBadge is not an ITS computing account. Instead, NetBadge is a gatekeeper that verifies your identity for a protected UVA website or service, using either of the 2 methods below.

Two Options to Log Into UVA NetBadge

NetBadge Login Method Pros & cons Use if you are... How to log in

Digital Certificate

  • Faster; less typing than password login
  • More secure; protects you from NetBadge scams
  • Only option if you have lost or forgotten your password
  • Must be on your own computer
  • Requires a personal digital certificate
  • A current UVA student or employee on your own computer with a personal digital certificate installed
    (Unsure whether you have one? You probably do—nearly everyone at UVA has a digital certificate—as it's required to connect to UVA wireless and the UVA Anywhere VPN.)
  • A current UVA student or employee who has forgotten the password you use for NetBadge
    (You can use this login method to access the Manage Your Passwords tool and reset your password for NetBadge.)
  1. Click the red Log In button near the top of the NetBadge login screen.
  2. If your Web browser prompts you in a pop-up window, click OK and/or type your Web browser password, as required.

See what happens after logging into NetBadge.

Computing ID and Password

  • Slower; more typing than certificate login
  • Less secure; no protection from NetBadge scams
  • Only option for current UVA students or employees on a shared or public computer
  • Only option for SCPS students and applicants for admission
  • An SCPS student
  • An applicant for admission to UVA
  • A newly admitted student who has not yet completed the new student ID verification process
  • A current UVA student or employee on a shared or public computer
  • A current UVA student or employee on your own computer without a digital certificate
  1. Type your computing ID (e.g., mst3k) and a NetBadge-accepted password on the NetBadge login screen.
    (Forgot your password? See the Lost Password Wizard. You may be able to use the certificate login to reset your password for NetBadge. Still having problems? Contact the UVA Help Desk.)
  2. Click the second grey Log in button.

See what happens after logging into NetBadge.

What Happens After Logging Into NetBadge

  1. NetBadge attempts to use the credentials you just entered to log you into your desired UVA website or resource.
  2. Provide additional information to log into Enhanced NetBadge, if required. Some UVA websites require an even higher level of security because they are protected by Enhanced NetBadge. So, if you are presented with an additional NetBadge login screen, then you will also need to supply: before you are taken on to your desired destination webpage.
  3. Stay logged into NetBadge to enjoy “single sign-on.” Once logged into NetBadge, you will remain logged in for either:
    • 9 hours, if you are on Grounds; or
    • 1 hour, if you are off-Grounds; or
    • until you log out of NetBadge by exiting your browser — whichever comes first.
    If, while logged in, you attempt to access another website or resource protected by NetBadge, you will be spared the effort of having to log in again. This “single sign-on” feature of NetBadge is designed to happen behind the scenes; but if you watch closely, brief indications may appear in your browser’s status bar.

Checking the Status of Your NetBadge

At any time after you log into NetBadge, you can check your NetBadge status to find out how much longer your NetBadge is valid, simply by returning to the direct-login NetBadge webpage. There you will also find a list of your most recent logins.

(Note: If you are not currently logged into the service when you go to the NetBadge URL, it will prompt you to log in before displaying your status.)

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