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ITS offers 4 tiers of data storage, depending on requirements.

Need Storage?

  1. Compare your options using the table below.
  2. Submit a request for the appropriate storage using the forms in the last row, "Requests for Service."

Already Have Storage?

  • To modify existing storage:
    • Use the request forms in the last row of the table below, "Requests for Service."
  • For technical details on existing storage:
    • Visit the storage homepage using the links in the second row of the table below, "Learn more."
Features Personal Storage
(UVA Box)
Standard Storage Premium Storage Value Storage
Best for: Personal employee documents Large department files, images, videos, and data Critical data with frequent transactions; Windows-configured environment available Expert users who are able to manage & backup their own data
Learn more: Box (UVA Box) Home Standard Storage Home Premium Storage Home Value Storage Home
Price: Free $0.25 - $0.48 per GB,
per year
$0.59 - $0.82 per GB,
per year
$30 - $100 per TB
($0.03 - $0.10 GB),

per year
Purchase in: N/A (1TB free) 250 GB increments 10 GB increments 1 - 5 TB
(1000 - 5000 GB)
Data Recovery Options: Versioning Replication & backups available Snapshots, replication, backups available None
ITS Provides Support: Yes Yes Yes No
Requests for Service: Log in to UVA Box (first-time login creates account, NetBadge Login Required) Request or Modify Standard Storage (Tier III or IV) Request or Modify Premium Storage (Tier I or II) Request or Modify Academic Value Storage (for all users)
Request or Modify Research Value Storage (for researchers only)

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