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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about UVA Box


Answers to FAQs about UVA Box

About Your UVA Box Account

How do I get a UVA Box account?
Members of the UVA community who are eligible for a UVA Box account can get one easily:
  1. Just go to
  2. Click Continue, and log into NetBadge as you usually do.
  3. After successfully logging in, your UVA Box account will be created and is ready to use!
What’s my UVA Box password?

Your password for UVA Box is the password you use to log in through NetBadge.

On your own computer, you may also opt to log in using your personal digital certificate in NetBadge (a faster and more secure login method); but that is not a a login option for:

See also How do I set up an external password for Box?

How much storage space do I get in my UVA Box account? Can I pay for additional space?

1 TB Deleted items which have been moved to the Trash count against your total storage allocation.

If you need additional storage, ITS offers other options for departments and enterprise storage.

What if I already have a personal Box account?
If you already have a personal Box account, you may continue to use it as you always have. But, if it is associated with your email address, know that your options are:
  • Not having a UVA Box account (your personal Box account using your address will stay as is, and you will log into it as you always have); or
How do I move from another cloud storage service to UVA Box?
If you are switching from another cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, download the content from your previous service, and then upload your files to UVA Box.
Are there any restrictions on my UVA Box account?
For the content in your UVA Box account, you must comply with all UVA Box User Responsibilities (and see also our FAQ: What can I store in UVA Box?). Other restrictions to know about:
What happens to my files if I graduate, retire, or leave the University?
  • For students: Great news! You get a free 1 TB account with all your files and collaborations when you graduate. Your institutional Box account will be automatically migrated to a free, personal Box account with the same login name (computing, but you will need to set a new, external Box password to access it. If you have more than 50GB of data in your account it will be "Read Only" and you will not be able to add files to your account until it goes below the 50GB account limit. Details about this change will be sent to your UVA email account a few weeks after graduation. Until you receive that message, continue accessing your files stored in UVA Box as you normally do. If you ever return to the University, you may request to have the files in your personal Box account migrated back into UVA Box.
  • For employees: When you leave UVA, you’ll no longer have access to your UVA Box account and its files/folders, which are University records, will be removed as part of an automated de-provisioning process for faculty (emeritus faculty excepted) and staff. Before departing, move documents from your UVA Box account and/or change ownership of shared files/folders so that others using that data can continue to do so. (See Box's instructions for how to transfer folder ownership to another collaborator.) If you ever return to the University, your UVA computing ID will again be your UVA Box login, but your data will not be stored or retrievable in UVA Box.
How do I change what personal information Box displays about me?
To update or change your personal info, including your name or the photo displayed of you around UVA Box:
  1. Go to your UVA Box profile settings (you will have to log into UVA Box through NetBadge).
  2. Make your desired changes. If you wish to update:
    • Your name, job title, website, address, etc.: Hover your mouse over the desired information and the edit icon will appear so you can make changes. (If you’d prefer your name not be displayed to collaborators in UVA Box, then change it to your UVA computing ID.)
    • Your avatar photo: Upload one here or take one with your webcam, if desired.
  3. Click Save.
How do I migrate my personal Box account to a UVA Box account?
If you already have a Box account using your email address, then you can easily change your personal account to a UVA Box account! (Note that you will need to begin complying with all UVA Box User Responsibilities.) To make the switch, simply:
  1. Contact the UVA Help Desk to submit a request to merge.
  2. The Help Desk will escalate your request to the UVA Box Project Team, and your request will be completed within 5 business days.
  3. Start going to and logging in through NetBadge to start using your new UVA Box account!

About your Box username: If your personal Box account used one of your UVA email addresses other than your UVA computing (i.e., if it used a UVA email alias like, or a UVA email address in another email domain like or, then your new UVA Box account ID will be your computing

UVA Box Best Practices

Which UVA email address do I use for UVA Box?

Your Box account username is your primary email address of UVA computing (e.g., Your password is the password you use to log in through NetBadge.

If you have other email addresses such as a UVA email alias (e.g., or an address in another email domain (e.g., or, then ITS recommends you add your other UVA email address(es) to your Box account in order to be able to easily view files that are shared with that address as well.

What are best practices for sharing and collaborating in Box?

There are many ways to share files and collaborate via Box. Some quick pointers:

Want to share your files with others at UVA? Invite them using their primary UVA email address of computing (like instead of an email alias (like or If you use another email address, they will have to add that other email address to their Box account before they can view or edit the file.

Want to share files with others outside UVA? See sharing files/collaborating with non-University members.

Want to avoid sending large email attachments? Stay under email quota by sending large files as links.

Want to check files in and out for editing? You can lock a file for editing in Box so that no one else can make changes to it or overwrite your work.

What is Box Sync? What are best practices for using it?

Install Box Sync to keep the files on your computer automatically synchronized with the ones in the cloud and to have Box appear as another “drive” or folder on your computer which you can save files to. (A WebDav connection to the Box server is not recommended nor supported at this time.)

How do I install/log into Box on my smartphone, tablet, or mobile device?
To install the Box app for your device:
  1. Go to the app store for your mobile device and search for the “Box” app.
  2. Make sure to download the official Box-developed app for your device, not one made by a third party. (The official Box apps are all free.)
  3. Log into your mobile app. By default, you will see the personal (not enterprise) Box account login, so to get the UVA Box enterprise login screen, which is NetBadge:
    1. Look beneath the username and password fields for another option; select More login options or My company uses single sign-on.
    2. Type your UVA computing (e.g., You will be then be redirected to the UVA Box login.
    3. Log in with the password you use to log in through NetBadge.
  4. You will be required to set a passcode for security. UVA requires you set and enter a 4-digit passcode for the Box app in order to have the Box app on your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. You will have to enter this code each time you start a new session in the Box app. (This need not necessarily be the same as other passcodes you may have set on your mobile device for use at UVA.)

Instead of installing an app, you may also opt to use the mobile-friendly Box website. Though this has more limited functionality, it does not require setting a passcode. To do this:

  1. In your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device browser, go to
  2. To log in, click Log In, then type only your UVA computing (e.g., without the password.
  3. Click Log In, and it will take you to the NetBadge page.
  4. Log in with the password you use to log in through NetBadge. (Note that you cannot use the digital certificate option to log into NetBadge when you are on a smartphone or mobile device.)

For helpful videos about using Box on mobile devices, visit Box on YouTube.

How do I add my other email address(es) to my Box account?
In certain cases, you may need to associate another email address with your Box account, such as in the following 2 instances:
  • Scenario A: You have a UVA Box account and someone shares a file with you but doesn’t use your computing Maybe instead they used another email address you have—like a UVA email alias (like, a UVA email address you have in another email domain (like or, or even a non-UVA email address you have. Simply add those other email addresses to your UVA Box account to be able to view files that are shared with that address as well.
  • Scenario B: You have a personal Box account associated with your UVA email address and you wish to get a UVA account. You will first need to change your personal Box account to associate it with another personal, non-UVA email address. (Essentially, your address will be needed as the login for your UVa Box account, so you cannot use it for a personal Box account.)
In either scenario, to associate another email address with your Box account:
  1. Log into UVA Box (for Scenario A) or your into your personal Box account (for Scenario B).
  2. Click on the small gear icon in the top right corner, then click “Account settings” from the pulldown menu.
  3. Scroll down to Login Information and click Add more emails.
  4. Type another email address you have (e.g.,, or [for Scenario A] or a non-UVA email address [for Scenario B]). Click “Save.” This should initiate an email confirmation.
  5. Check the email account that you just added. Open the email message from Box and click Verify Your Email.

Troubleshooting UVA Box

Do I need to set up another Box account for all my email addresses?

Sometime, someone may share a file with you but not use your UVA computing (e.g.,, and instead use another UVA email address you have (like,, or

If this happens, no, you do not need to set up another Box account for each email address you have. You simply need to tell Box your other email address(es). See how to add other email address(es) to Box.

I am getting too much email from Box. How do I change my notification preferences?
  1. Go to your Box email notification preferences (you will have to log into UVA Box through NetBadge).
  2. View your email notification options and make any desired changes.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
I deleted something. How long do I have to retrieve it from the Trash?
14 days. Note that deleted items which have been moved to the Trash count against your total UVA Box storage allocation. If you need a file that has been deleted and more than 14 days has passed, contact the UVA Help Desk and make a request for assistance.

About the UVA Box Service

Am I eligible for a UVA Box account?
The following chart shows who is eligible for UVA Box, according to current licensing agreements between Box and the Board of Rectors & Visitors at the University of Virginia:
  • Current Agency 207 faculty or staff at the University of Virginia
  • Current, degree-seeking UVA students (includes BIS)
  • Emeritus faculty
  • You must have an active UVA email account of computing Overnight processing is required for this after setting up your UVA accounts for the first time or after creating your primary email address.

  • Current faculty and staff in the UVA Health System (Agency 209)
  • Foundation employees not paid by Agency 207
  • Non-degree seeking UVA students (e.g., SCPS, certificate programs)
  • UVA alumni
  • UVA Wise
How do I set up an external password for Box?
  1. Go to your UVA Box account settings (you will have to log into UVA Box through NetBadge).
  2. Scroll down to Create External Password. Type (and then retype) your desired password.
  3. Click Save.
Does UVA Box work with MyGroups?

No, you cannot use a MyGroup address for UVA Box, because the UVA Box login password is tied to NetBadge, and so each Box account must be an individual account at this time.

How is UVA Box different from UVaCollab, Home Directory, and other UVA-provided services? How is it different from other cloud storage services?

UVA Box provides a high storage quota of 1 TB and also offers different (and in some cases more robust) functionality and mobile device support than many other UVA services. View the ITS personal storage comparison table for additional information about UVA Box versus other ITS storage solutions.

Lastly, as compared with other cloud storage vendors (like Dropbox, e.g.), Box is the only University-sanctioned and centrally-supported place in the cloud for your files. See also Why Box? and What can I store in UVA Box?

Is UVA Box backed up for security?
Yes, your files are backed up by Box in almost real time, and stored in two locations.
What can I store in UVA Box?

UVA Box is the perfect place online to store your University files containing nonsensitive and moderately sensitive University data (this includes PTAOs, FERPA-protected data including transcripts, etc.). It provides a simple, intuitive way to back up your work-related documents, access your files on your mobile device, share files with others and send large files as links instead of huge email attachments, manage file versions and track comments, and receive online document submissions. (See also What May Be Stored in UVA Box.)

UVA Box is not the place to store highly sensitive data or very large files (over 5 GB/each). Nor does it provide access to your files from a command line environment. UVA storage solutions may be a better fit for these needs; view the ITS personal storage comparison table for additional information about UVA Box versus other ITS storage solutions.

May I share files/collaborate with non-University community members?

Yes, you can share files with non-University members; they would simply need a Box account of their own to access. Anyone not eligible for a UVA Box account can collaborate with you if they establish a free, personal Box account.

If I have multiple roles at the University (e.g., student and employee), do I get more than one Box account?

No, since UVA Box is behind NetBadge, your UVA computing ID is your Box account ID, and so you get only one UVA Box account per ID.

What apps can I use with UVA Box? Can I request apps?

Box offers lots of Official Box apps—including for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerries, Windows Phones, and more—all of which are free, Box-developed, and Box is contractually obligated to support. Currently, official Box apps are the only apps available for use with UVA Box.

Unofficial, third-party apps are likely to pull data out of the secure UVA Box environment and onto third-party servers; see UVA Box User Responsibilities to review the types of data that are, and are not allowed in UVA Box. (You are responsible for University of Virginia data sent or stored on computers, devices, and services you use, so be a good custodian of institutional information.)

We are currently investigating enabling more apps for UVA Box. In the meantime, if you would like to request that a specific app be enabled for UVA Box, please complete a UVA Box service request.

Where can I get help with UVA Box?
ITS offers this FAQ, plus a Getting Started with UVA Box page to assist you. Box offers self-help and documentation on how to upload, share, preview, and edit documents, plus videos on the Box YouTube channel. Please contact the UVA Help Desk if you have specific, UVA-related Box tech support questions.

Don’t see your question here? Contact the UVA Help Desk and ask it—we may just add it to the page!


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